Available for who?

Looking into an uncertain future wondering “what’s going to become of tomorrow?”, “am I going to be successful in my next venture?”, what will people think of me?”. It is these uncertainties about future events that create anxiety.

Regretting the past “why did I do that?”, “why didn’t I do this?”, “I could have, would have or should have…..”. It is regret that causes disturbance in the here and now.
Finding it difficult to accept the feelings that arise from fear and regret can cause people to suppress and push down how they feel. This suppression can lead to depression, low motivation and feelings of overwhelm.

Accepting feelings, thoughts and situations as they arise, being with them in the moment. Taking appropriate action and also being able to step back and allow things to be as they are when this is appropriate. Being present and knowing when to step forward or step back will help you become available for you. To be compassionate when you are struggling and kind with your internal dialogue. Giving more of you to you, which creates more to give to others.

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