Have you ever asked yourself the question?
What is it about this? Why is it difficult to stop?
There are a number of activities; drug use, alcohol use, sex, internet activity, gaming, pornography, gambling, food and shopping to name a few, that some people find extremely difficult to quit once they engage in the activity.

Usually a repetitive behaviour that leads to obsession “thinking about often” and compulsion “acting against will”. If the behaviour is interfering with other areas of your life; relationships, work, finances it may fall into the category of addiction.

There are now a number of ways that people can combat addiction and there are plenty of examples of people that no longer indulge in activities that were once having a detrimental effect in their life. There are rehabs and self-help groups set up all over the UK. Addiction focused therapy has also proved very beneficial. Where in a 1-1 setting you engage in therapy sessions with an addiction informed therapist.

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